(about the days of the week)

Come close, children, and hear my tale.
I am old, as old as cliff and dale,
And wise, for I was a wizard's bear
And learnt more spells than I should care
To count or tell!

Yes! I can make a giant creep,
Change a simple puddle to a fathomless deep,
But these are spells I seldom choose:
For the magic I prefer to use
Heals and makes well!

Come close, children: now we'll play!
See in this box: small trees of clay
Small bears of wood, like simple toys.
But these are not simple, girls and boys-
Soon you'll discover why!

See them yawn and stretch as the spell takes hold!
See the trees put on leaves, the bears grow bold,
See my magic box like a scene unfold
The planets spin, the stars untold
Ride across the sky!

Now we are ready: the theatre bell rings.
The bears are waiting in the wings
To tell a story of ancient fame,
Of how each week day got its name,
Of the planets that circle round the sun.
Hush, my dears, the play has begun!

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