Songs from Beyond the Tapestry: the videos

All illustrations are from the book "En Fabel" by Ingelil Mitchell, and are adapted for the vidoes with Ingelil's permission.
In the videos, the story is re-told in verse and music, performed and arranged by Rowen Sivertsen

Episode 1: Sam Scriber
In which inspiration comes to Sam Scriber
Episode 2: Escape from the Tapestries
In which the blue hare and the little fat man escape from 100 years frozen in fear in their respective tapestries
Episode 3: The Meeting
In which the blue hare and the little fat man meet and console each other
Episode 4: The Ride
In which hare and rider escape and ride across the fields and meadows to the enchanted forest
Episode 5: The Enchanted Forest
In which the pair are drawn in under the branches of a strange and wonderful forest
Episode 6: The Great Voice
In which the pair arrive at the gates of the Crystal Palace and are questioned by a mysterious great voice, while Sam continues to write in his burning house
Episode 7: The Crystal Palace
In which the Golden Gate opens, and the hare and his rider get their first glimpse of the Crystal Palace, but find themselves under a dire threat.
Episode 8: the Birdman
In which we meet the Birdman, the little fat man and the blue hare are rescued from the terrible golden gate and given a crucial task to perform.
Episode 9: The Timescreamers
In which the Timescreamers rise and warn of coming catastrophe
Episode 10: The Riddle
In which six weird creatures present the blue hare and his rider with a riddle that they must solve in order to avert the catastrophe.
Episode 11: Burning House
In which the fire spreads, and destroys the house and life's work of Sam Scriber.
Episode 12: The River of Tulip Wine
In which both the blue hare and his rider and Sam Scriber, in each their own worlds, are tempted to leap into the foaming waters.
Episode 13: The Alley of Illusion
In which the blue hare and his rider have to make three choices, are rescued by a laughing gnome and are confronted again by the Birdman
Episode 14: The Harlelquin Beast
In which the blue hare and the little fat man set out to rescue the first of three strange victims on their way to solving the riddle
Episode 15: The Rainbow Toocan
In which the second victim is rescued, and the blue hare and the little fat man finds his first clue.
Episode 16: Weaving Worlds Together
The Grand Finale, in which the Sam, the final victim, is rescued as the little fat man weaves the final tapestry and solves the riddle