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Book: Shianshenka, the Rise and Fall of the Perfect Creation

cover PRICE: NOK 100, EUR 10, USD 10.
The electronic edition contains links to the videos and illustrations at appropriate places, and is available on Amazon Kindle and iBooks. Search for "Shianshenka".
The paperback edition has no illustrations other than maps. It can be ordered here, or at

THE BOOK IS SOLD OUT! A new edition of the book will be available soon. Meanwhile, enjoy the reviews, interviews, videos, gallery of illustrations and background information on the book and Shianshenka at the shianshenka website
Summary: Humans have set out to create the perfect life: intelligence without a dark side. The wild planet of Shianshenka poisonous to humans, but breathtakingly beautiful is selected and seeded with the newly created life-form: the tiny seed-like Zhongzi. This tale tells how the little Zhongzi overcome the limitations placed on them by their physiology; how they learn to ride the geysers and harness the winds; how they interact with the weird and delightful endemic life forms of the planet; how they create community, culture and civilisation. But not all is perfect. A deep ideological cleft divides the Zhongzi society... More.