The Earthlings were our Creators' first (and we hope last) attempts at in sitio creation of intelligent life. Earthlings themselves are capable of some of the best poetry in the Universe, and we can safely leave the description of their own wildly diverse world with its manifold of life forms to themselves. Their planet is certainly beautiful, but Earthlings themselves .... are something else. The societies they have produced are all more or less... peculiar. The Jovian Ganymedians, with their irrepressible disrespect for everything in this Universe, are much better suited than ourselves to describe the results of this experimental fiasco. So we leave the word to them.

pil  The Ganymedian's comments on humans:

Our Solar Sytem's got a funny face
Our Solar System's got the human race
Our Solar System hasn't got one trace
Of sanity

pil  The Ganymedians on the Earthling's capacity to reproduce:

Adam and Eva and one or two more
Made two or three babies, or was it a score?
But whether 'twas one, or whether 'twas twenty
The end results show it was more than plenty!

Ganymedian Grook

pil  The Ganymedians on Earthling culture:

Swimming in commodities, drowning in waste
A very odd thing is this human taste

Ganymedian Grook

pil  The Ganymedians on the Earthling phenomena they call "sports":

Rich World: forty. Poor world: love,
And the rich world still wants more
This is terrible tennis, I'm sure you'll agree
If they don't try to even the score!

Ganymedian Grook

pil  The Ganymedians on Earthling life style:

They produce to consume, they consume to produce,
And they never stop to ask themselves "What's the use?"
They consume to produce, they produce to consume,
But they'll really be in trouble if they don't stop soon.
They produce to consume, they consume to produce
But somewhere in the ring there's a screw gone loose.
They produce to consume, and consume is what they do
They'll soon be consuming our life base too!

Ganymedian Grook

pil  The Ganymedians on Earthling lifestyle again:

The Standard of Living that brings only strife
Has little to do with the Quality of Life

Ganymedian Grook

pil  The Ganymedians on Earthling politics:

Sustainable growth is a funny idea
When they live on a finite Earth
Increase their efficiency? That's very clear,
But at some point there must be a dearth.

Sustainable growth, it sounds very wise
But it really must be quite a trick.
How can you grow and stay the same size?
At some point it has to say "click".

Ganymedian Grook

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