Song "Falling into a Dream", written and performed by Rowen Sivertsen:

  Falling into a dream

A land
Far from this cage,
A past
Or future age,
Silver and white
Pureness and light
A crystalline stage,
You call,
I will obey
Over seas,
Churning and grey
I'll follow
Where you may lead,
You know my need,
How dark is my day
The Sea Calling

Though in your cage you appear to be resting
Deep in your mind you are questing, questing,
Shivering softly you feel the wind flow
From far frozen shores with a taste of snow
Frozen, eternal, drawing and drawing,
Ice crystals dancing and hollow wind clawing, the
Land that you long for is calling, calling
Into a dream you are falling.
Scrambling, climbing, dodging and winding,
Knowing the ocean is there for the finding,
Great waves clashing and crashing and tumbling,
Wild winds lashing, and dark clouds a-rumbling,
White crested waters churning, churning,
Little white ape you are, yearning, yearning,
Little white ape you are learning, discerning
That you'll come to me in the end.
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